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Betasil Vario Putty Soft

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Betasil® vario is an impression material that meets the highest demands.  All betasil® vario materials have a thermoactiviating formulation which offers the user a variable processing time and thus the greatest processing comfort. They are patient friendly as they remain in the mouth for only the same short time regardless of when the impression tray is placed in the mouth.

Betasil® vario Putty Soft is a basic material for the simultaneous putty wash technique (1-step); situation impressions.


Betasil® vario Putty Soft comes as 2 x 380ml cartridges 5:1 plus 1 Fix cap.

The material is made for crowns and bridges, partial crowns, inlays, onlays, implants, transfer impressions.

The 5:1-full cartridges are suitable for use in all common mixers for 5:1 cartridge systems.

Product Properties

Colour: Blue
Dosage (1:1) / mixing time: Automatic
Consistency : Kneadable / Type 0 (ISO 4823)
Variable working time incl. mixing time (at 23 °C): Up to 2 min
Time in mouth: 2 min
Total setting time: Up to 4 min
Deformation under pressure: 2.5 %
Recovery from deformation: 99.5 %
Linear dimensional change: 0.2 %
Flavour: Mint

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Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg

2×380 ml cartridges 5:1 plus 1 Fix cap

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