Wuhan Aimmax Medical

Wuhan Aimmax Medical  has an extensive product line of non-woven disposables, medical surgical dressing products as well as other made-to-order medical products.

The Chinese manufacturer commits to continuous improvement of their manufacturing capabilities. This means, the company has positioned itself to service an ever-increasing range of new customers.

Wuhan Aimmax distributes to clients and markets throughout the world. The quality of the products and fast delivery cycles help the manufacturer to achieve the competitive edge they need to excel in dynamic international medical markets. Wuhan Aimmax Medical’s business philosophy is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with global business partners. They provide a strong product base, cost-effective manufacturing solutions and comprehensive, high-quality production lines.

Quality has been the key to develop the business and the current long-term business relationships. Wuhan Aimmax’s also strives to achieve excellence. They implemented a quality control system that reflects in every facet of their operations. This includes everything from raw material organisation, processing, production, to inspection and delivery.

Aimmax medical products are in strict conformance with established international quality standards. The manufacturer’s experience of 15 years OEM supplier further ensures that their customers’ quality expectations are met. They also appreciate any valuable suggestions to improve themselves to adapt to different markets.

Wuhan Aimmax has extensive production lines covering medical surgical dressing products, non-woven materials and disposables products (PP, PE, paper materials). They also manufacture dental products, food and industry protective products as well as other made-to-order disposables products.

The manufacturer leads the industry with two plants in both manufacturing versatility and quality and seeks to develop an ever-increasing range of new markets and new products.

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