MYOSPOTS™ is an Australian-based business which started operating in 2018.  The founders of the business decided to develop a new and simple technology to train chronic-mouth breathers to initiate and maintain healthy tongue posture and nasal breathing. For this reason, they developed MYOSPOTS™.

Dental Plus offers a variety of flavours of MYOSPOTS™.

The company has the mission to improve general population health by providing a simple solution for optimum tongue posture. In addition, this facilitates the transition from mouth breathing to nasal breathing.

The concept of MYOSPOTS™ is simple. Chronic mouth breathing is a public-health issue that is often not matter of discussion. This occurs despite the fact that it is directly linked to a range of conditions and health issue. During mouth breathing, the tongue often drops and sits low in the mouth to allow air to flow in and out of the of the oropharynx. On the other hand, an elevated tongue position helps encourage lip seal and nasal breathing.

MYOSPOTS™ is a patented Australian technology of biodegradable spots. Patients can use these spots to exercise tongue muscles and to train the tongue to rest on the palate to initiate nasal breathing.

Read more about MYOSPOTS™ and how it works in the MYOSPOTS™ blog post.

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