Gebdi Dental Products GmbH

Gebdi DENTAL-PRODUCTS GmbH is a traditional dental manufacturing company based in Engen, Germany. It was founded more than 100 years ago in 1910 by the Ditzel brothers and has been renamed in 1988 to its current name gebdi DENTAL-PRODUCTS GmbH.

Since the 90s, the company placed a high value on taking high-quality standards into consideration to develop superior products for the dental industry. gebdi has taken advantage of the experience gained over the years and implements the obtained knowledge steadily to meet the customers’ requirements. Thus, the former wax producer faced the changes in the market and repositioned itself.

In addition to traditional products like modelling wax, bite registration wax, bite waxes and milling waxes, gebdi also offers complete product portfolio for partial denture and complete prosthetics. Initially only offering modelling and base waxes, gebdi’s product range was constantly expanded and now includes high-quality acrylic teeth and denture acrylics.

One of their most popular product ranges is the system brand “Tribos 501”. Tribos 501 encloses the required mounting waxes, appropriate acrylic teeth in three morphology studies and an assortment of prosthesis plastics.

Find out more about gebdi Dental-Products on the company’s website or buy the Tribos range in our online shop.

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